I want to take some time to talk about search engine optimization and local search engine traffic based on a few conversations that I have had this week with customers and potential customers. First off, let’s forget about search engine optimization (seo) for a couple of minutes. Now, I know what you are thinking…wait a minute, don’t I need to optimize my site to get it listed higher on the search engines? While it is true that there are always aspects of seo being performed in order to rank higher, we have to keep in mind that the only reason we seek higher rankings is to get more business traffic. Too many times people lose sight of the real reason that we do this stuff and get caught up in where their site is ranking on the search engine. If we keep our mind focused on the real reason for doing internet marketing in the first place, more traffic, we can then step back and figure out how to achieve our goals without getting so caught up in the world of seo.

Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say that I have a website that is brand new and just recently went live on the internet, and it is in a very competitive market that has many other websites. I immediately want to see my site ranking very high in the search engines, however, being a brand new site it starts off on page 14 for specific keywords that I need to rank high for. The chances of anyone finding my site for my best keyword terms is pretty slim at this point. The first thought for many people in the internet game is to start performing search engine optimization tactics and focus entirely on getting the website listed higher in the rankings. Don’t get me wrong, this is important, however I need traffic NOW! So what should I do?

Why not find other ways to get traffic from page one? There are many other ways that traffic can be leveraged to get people coming to your website. The reality is that there are ways that you can ultimately dominate page one without your website even showing up initially and it is still FREE traffic. The beauty of these methods is that while you are getting traffic immediately online from these techniques, you are also building the credibility of your website and it will begin climbing in the search engines naturally. It truly is the best of both worlds. Over time your website will reach page one and through these strategies, it will be only one of many traffic sources on the page.

The best strategies for internet marketing involve multiple search engine traffic streams and techniques designed to bring high volumes of traffic to your business very fast and consistently. By keeping your eye on the ultimate goal of more business and not getting too caught up in the details of ranking your main website initially, you can virtually eliminate the time it takes to build your site ranking and dramatically improve the amount of time it takes to get traffic from the search engines. Don’t let the headaches associated with search engine optimization slow you down. Always remember that there is a better way. You will be happier and the results will speak for themselves.

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